Professional videos for advertising, marketing campaigns, and social media.

Photography is my passion. However, in today’s world and the development of media, videos are becoming more and more important as well and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Already at a young age I was very busy with the production of videos and implemented my creative ideas. Through my social media channel, I have experienced firsthand that photos alone are no longer enough for good marketing today. I have learned what is important in video production and how to address users emotionally and thus successfully attract new customers. That’s how I was able to build a reach of over 100k followers on Instagram. I would like to share this experience and know-how with my customers. With the help of high quality produced videos, which at the same time go with the trend of the time, I help your brand to a better brand presence on the web.

Videographer with experience in beauty and fashion

Through my expertise as a beauty photographer as well as in the areas of fashion and product, I have a good eye for details and aesthetics. Video productions allow me to turn my creative ideas into moving images and bring them to life.

Video productions: Social media campaigns, commercials and ads

Nowadays, moving images are more important than ever and good video production is essential for success on the web. Whether video campaigns for social media, ads / commercials and also promotional films: Moving images appeal to customers emotionally. Therefore, good videos should definitely be part of every brand’s marketing strategy.